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Hiking routes with an official guide entitled to the source of the Mundo River, the Molata micro-reserve, mycological routes, bicycle route, orientation routes, cultural route through Alcaraz, routes of wild orchids, the peak of La Almenara, the Arquillo lagoon ...

We have special prices and packages for very large groups. We adapt to the needs and capacities of each group. Let yourself be advised by our expert guide with more than 20 years of experience!

Any of our routes includes a visit to the Atalaya school farm animals (special for children)

Combine your hiking routes with other activities with us, also food, accommodation and other extras

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Route rate:

€ 20

Hiking route to the source of the Mundo River - Riópar (Albacete)

Hiking route through the Calares del Río Mundo and La Sima natural park.

We will visit the source of the Mundo River, one of the most surprising karst phenomena in all of Europe, characterized by its caves and the large number of sources it has, the most spectacular being the Mundo River Jets.

Route to the charco de las trouts, the cave of the pedorrilla, includes a visit to the Royal Bronze factories.

Several routes available with various levels of difficulty depending on the characteristics of the group.

Route of the wild orchids Alcaraz (Albacete)

It is about making a route with an accompanying guide during the tour to identify wild orchids in flowering season, and learning about them and the characteristics of the soil through the Orchid trail .


The great wealth of wild orchids is one of the botanical jewels of the Sierra de Alcaraz

Mycological routes
Alcaraz (Albacete)

Going out into the field to look for mushrooms requires prior knowledge of the area, the roads and trails, its geographical location and its vegetation cover.

We offer you guided mycological routes through the Sierra de Alcaraz, which especially in autumn.

In our mountains you can find a multitude of fungi and mushrooms, which you will learn to identify in these mycological excursions thanks to the guide who accompanies us during the tour. At the same time, on the mycological routes we take a pleasant walk through the forest to collect the most common and appreciated species, those edible mushrooms that delight the most demanding palates.

The mycological route includes mycological course and tasting.

Micro-reserve of the Molata peak.

Alcaraz (Albacete)

Protected natural area through which we will make an excursion, following the route that will take us to the shelters where there are cave paintings and various hermitages.

We will arrive at the merced house that served as customs in the times of the reconquest and next to which is a Visigoth necropolis and the acropolis of the ancient Iberian city of Urcesa.

Later we will go down the canyon of the river called El Escorial, where we will observe its interesting flora, fauna, geology and paleontology.

La Almenara - Sierra de Alcaraz (Albacete)

Ascent to the peak of the beacon by the stone of the cry, so called because in the times of the mesta, the shepherds were notified to meet in that place with the cattle.

Through the ropes of the Almenara passes the royal gorge of Andalusia.

We will be able to observe the spectacularity of the shade of the Almenara plagued by garnet maples, a subspecies from the south of the Iberian Peninsula, being especially beautiful in autumn

Visit to the lagoon complex of the eyes of the arquillo. Interesting lagoon due to its mixed, karst and fluvial origin. It is located in the middle of a precise Mediterranean albar juniper.

The Arquillo lagoon, recognized as a natural monument, has a high botanical interest: the spikes of water, water lilies, the San Antonio Frog, leprous Galapago ...

Alcaraz Cultural Visit (Albacete)

(Cherry tours company)

Medieval city that achieved this title in the s. XVI "The very Noble and Monumental City of Alcaraz".

Alcaraz drinks directly from Visigothic, Roman, Gothic and especially Renaissance art (promoted by Andrés de Vandelvira who was originally from it).

The Church of the Holy Trinity, Puerta del Alhorí, the markets of the Plaza Mayor or the Torre del Tardón, are among other points of cultural interest of great cultural importance.

Orientation excursion:

We learn how to use maps and how to use the compass.

Team excursion in search of the beacons previously placed around the Watchtower.

We teach to orient ourselves by the sun, the stars and nature.

Includes a workshop to build a stellar clock.

Mountain bike route

Guided bicycle routes of different types of difficulty depending on the needs of each group. Includes guide, insurance, bicycle rental and safety equipment.

Route rate:

€ 20

All our activities include a visit

to the farm animals Atalaya school.

(recommended for children and animal lovers)

The Watchtower is nestled in a lush valley, in the Alcaraz mountain range, where numerous trails and bicycle routes pass (the Vía Verde de Baeza - Utiel, the Ruta del Quijote ...

Distances to other points of interest:

  • Alcaraz: 1.5km (Medieval city, mixture of Arabic, Roman, Renaissance, Gothic styles ...)

  • Riópar: 37 km (natural park, source of the Mundo river)

  • Los Batanes: 4.4 km (cave paintings, fossils, Iberian deposits, caves full of stalactites ...)

  • Sanctuary of the Virgin Our Lady of Cortes: 5 km (monastery, pilgrimage, Asset of Cultural Interest)

  • Fountain of the pool (Bienservida): 29 km (only in spring)

  • Pico de la Almenara: 23 km (panoramic views of the Sierra de Alcaraz and Segura)

  • Laguna del Arquillo: 28 km (within the Ruta del Quijote, water lilies, vegetation of botanical interest)

  • La casa de merced: 9 km (customs office at the time of the reconquest and next to which is a Visigoth necropolis and the acropolis of the ancient Iberian city of Urcesa)

  • The Escorial river canyon- Mesta river: 8 km (unique flora, fauna, geology and paleontology).

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Arquillo Lagoon.

The Masegoso (Albacete)

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