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Upcoming monitor courses

Do you need a monitor course to work in summer camps? Obtain the official qualification with national validity in our youth activities monitor courses. Book your instructor course in Albacete (Alcaraz) now and don't miss out on your place.

Dos formas de pago de reserva:

  • Pincha en la primera opción, (logo del pavo real), para hacer el pago de reserva del curso que estés interesado. El resto del pago se puede hacer incluso el primer día al comenzar el curso.

  • Pincha en cualquier otra opción para ver o hacer el pago completo del curso que estés Interesado.

Camp monitor course

More information:

Youth Activities Monitor courses approved by the Castilla la Mancha Community Board with national validity.

School specific module: Multi-adventure activities and school farm workshops.



Monitor course: 250 hours (100 theoretical-practical hours + 150 practical hours).

Director's course: 325 hours (150 theoretical-practical hours + 175 practical hours).


To be a leisure and free time monitor, it is essential to have the official title approved by the corresponding autonomous community. Other types of courses are not valid to participate as a monitor in free time activities organized by public entities.

The main requirement to be able to take the monitor course is to be at least 16 years old at the time of taking the course.

The monitor courses are aimed at people who want to carry out socio-cultural activities in a youth or children's environment, either in closed spaces such as toy libraries, extracurricular ... or outdoors.

To be director of youth activities :

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Meet any of these two conditions:

    • Possess the title of Monitor of Youth Activities and an experience of at least 150 hours, after obtaining the Title of Monitor.

    • Be in possession of a baccalaureate degree or equivalent, as well as accredit at least 300 hours in positions of responsibility for youth activities.

Free time monitor functions

In addition to having the approved qualification, you must have a series of personal skills to be a good monitor, such as being cheerful, outgoing, motivated ... It is very important to be understanding and responsible since you will have to resolve conflicts with great agility. It is essential that you like what you do, work with children and be able to transmit the philosophy and values ​​of the camp and reflect it in every activity you do with children.

Place of realization

Atalaya school farm, in Alcaraz (Albacete), with more than 30 years of experience in the leisure and free time sector.

Accommodation included in the Atalaya de Alcaraz school farm (Albacete).

In some courses the accommodation is done at home and in others in the camping area (see the characteristics of each instructor course by clicking the buy button)

From 06/14 to 08/20 accommodation only available in the camping area.


Dates of the theoretical-practical part of the monitor course: 100 hours of monitor course (it takes place over 13 days).

150 hours for the director course (150 hours) for the monitor course and 19 days for the director course.

The hours are from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.

(Check each course for the specific dates).

It is mandatory to attend 80% of the theoretical-practical classes

Dates of the practical part of the course : To choose between our summer camps or activities that we carry out throughout the year. You have to do 150 practical hours (about 14 days in a summer camp or in other activities with overnight).

During the practical phase, full board and accommodation are included.

From 06/21 to 08/21 accommodation only available in the camping area.

Guaranteed internships and job bank!

In our instructor courses we ensure your internships in our own summer camps or in other activities that we carry out throughout the year. If you prefer, you can also do them in another entity that carries out youth activities.

Do you need more information about the instructor training school?

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