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Camp Atalaya
Summer camps 2023 in Atalaya Farm School

We welcome all children from the age of 5 to 16 years old into our Spanish inmersion camp.

La Atalaya Summer Camp is a countryside farm school located within the mountains of Alcaraz, a town located in province of Albacete, southeast Spain.

With 32 years experience, our summer camp is a perfect option for kids and teens interested in learning and practicing Spanish in a fun, friendly, safe and unique environment. 

The children learn Spanish through various methods, i.e. workshops interactive activities and group games. The children spend all of their time alongside native Spanish kids and camp monitors, this includes sharing the facilities and accomodation. 

Autobús desde Madrid

we offer a private bus pickup at Albacete and Madrid

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campamento de verano inmersión de inglés

English summer camp

Nature and multi-adventure

Learn English while having fun at the English Immersion Camp.

Campamento de verano multiaventura

Safety is very important in our summer camp; each camp monitor is responsible for up to 8-12 children per group, which offers them a greater experience in the Spanish language inmersion. The children are supervised at all times (24 hours), including free time which is overseen by our camp monitors. In addition, there is also a lifeguard at all times in the swimming pool hours. At night, while the children are asleep, there are two night supervisors for each floor of dormitories. 

Nature and multi-adventure

Spanish camp

If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, enjoy a fun-filled experience.

All children are grouped with other children of their own age, promoting communication and friendship among them. We also organise them in groups for accommodation – girls and boys separate – where they are also integrated with Spanish children. Each room has an assigned camp monitor who helps all kids with all their accommodation matters (getting them up in the morning,etc.).

La Atalaya summer camp facilities include:

Swimming pool, football and basketball pitches, hen house, stables, organic garden, meadow games, camping, bakery, pottery house, three dining rooms, 11 dormitories, bathroom and shower facilities and so on. 

campameno de inglés

Alcaraz town medical centre provides 24 hour service and it is located just 1.5 km from our premises. If the children require any prescription drugs to be taken, there are certified first aid staff who can administer them at any given hour. 

We offer numerous workshops, tours and activities during the summer camp. Olympic games, adventure activities, social evenings,  map games, gymkhana (athletic and sports competition).

All of the above activities are designed to enhance and enrich the children Spanish inmersion experience, whilst at the same time offering them a fantastic and fun filled summer break.

campamento español

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