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The House

The country house is a fully restored and equiped palace from the 19th century. It is a 1,600 square metres, three-storey house​​, built by a minister of King Alfonso XIII for vacational use. It has three entrances and two staircases. 

The ground floor is used for workshops, dining rooms, game rooms, kitchen and staff offices.

On the first floor are the music rooms, library, dance hall, living rooms, etc.

The second floor has nine large bedrooms (equipped with bunk beds and lockers) and two large bathrooms, separated between girls and boys.

La Atalaya is a fully self-sufficient farm school, it has its own running water lines, electricity, telephone and wireless Internet. It also has an independent electric generator in case of power shortage.

The Farm

The farm grounds cover an area of 100,000 m2, with a small river that borders the farm. It is divided as follows: 10,000 m2 gardens, 40,000 m2 orchards, a 40,000 m2 playground for sports (football pitch, volleyball, badminton, basketball, archery range, outdoor rock climbing wall, mini golf, stables, zip lines, etc.). There is also an organic garden and several grain fields. 

Furthermore there are 10,000 m2 of land which are occupied by the lawns, pastures, swimming pool, bakery, pottery house, chicken coup and livestock barn.

With over 300 trees, the orchard is comprised of many varieties of fruit, such as almond, apple, pear, plum, olive, pomegranate, fig, walnut trees etc. 


Campamentos en Inglés Cerca de Madrid

Torres de Alcaraz
Excursion a los Batanes de Alcaraz

Alcaraz town medical centre provides 24 hour service and it is located just 1.5 km from our premises. If the children require any prescription drugs to be taken, there are certified first aid staff who can administer them at any given hour. 

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