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Escape Room Atalaya- Live Escape Game

Live a unique experience in our escape rooms where you are the protagonist!

Find clues, solve puzzles and use the objects at your fingertips.

You have 60 minutes to escape the room and complete your mission, will you be able to overcome the challenge?

Live a unique experience with our escape games!

Our escape rooms:

60 minutes

60 minutes

2-8 detectives

2-10 prisoners

Porcentaje 80

Successful leaks

Successful departures

Medium difficulty

Porcentaje 55

High difficulty

Escape room Albacete - Alcaraz (Sherlock Atalaya)

Form a team

Come with friends, family or co-workers and form a team of 2 to 10 players.

Consult in the case of more players (competitions, several shifts).

Enter the house

The door closes behind you and you have 1 hour to solve the mystery and escape the room, time flies!

One escape room is set in Sherlock Holmes' house and the other escape room is based on the mythical Alcatraz prison.

Solve the mystery

Search the room for clues and clues that will help you understand the riddles, solve the mystery, and escape.

A unique experience full of adrenaline! Will you be able to fulfill your mission?

What is the price of an escape room session?

The price will depend on the number of players:

2 people: € 50

3 people: € 60

More than 4 people: € 15 per person.

Escape room Alcaraz - Albacete (La fuga de Alcaraz)

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