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Diving baptism in pool

Your first underwater experience, in Albacete!

We accompany you in this first contact with the underwater environment and the practice of diving.

It is a test dive in which, with the help of your instructor, you will experience the wonderful sensations of breathing underwater and feeling weightless. You will see how you feel with the diving equipment and how easy it is to move in the water with it.

Do you want to know what it feels like to breathe underwater?

This experience is a first contact and allows you to try what diving is all about.

The baptism in the pool is ideal to get used to the sensations, learn the basic operation of the equipment, learn some of the communication signs and check if you would like to continue deepening.

What includes?

  • Theoretical lesson

  • Pool practice

  • Equipment necessary for the dive *

* You only need a swimsuit, flip flops, a towel and a lot of desire to enjoy.

  • At the end, enjoy a swim in the pool


€ 20

Do you want to see all the activities you can do? Do you want to see the extras that you can hire?

(pool, food, accommodation ...)

If you have any questions about our activities or want to book one, click on the link

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