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Monitors school "Atalaya de Alcaraz"

Youth activities monitor course and leisure and free time coordinator course

About the School of Monitors

of youth activities

We carry out leisure and free time monitor courses and director / coordinator courses for youth activities.

Monitor courses conducted at the Atalaya de Alcaraz school farm (Albacete), with more than 30 years of experience in the leisure and free time sector (summer camps, school excursions, end-of-year trips ...)

Guaranteed internships in our own summer camps or in other activities that we carry out during the year and job offers.

The instructor courses include accommodation at the Atalaya de Alcaraz facilities (Albacete)

In all our instructor courses we include a specific multi-adventure activity monitor module.


Upcoming free time monitor courses.

Official and approved courses with national validity


Monitor course

intensive june

06/14/2021 - 06/26/2021

Youth activities monitor course in June. Intensive course with accommodation included.


Curso de monitor
intensivo agosto

Del 05/08 al 17/08  (verano de 2024)

Curso de monitor de actividades juveniles en agosto. Curso Intensivo con alojamiento incluido.

Monitores 1.jpg

Intensive monitor course August

08/09/202 - 08/21/2021

Leisure and free time monitor course in August. Intensive course with accommodation included.

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