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Facilities of the Atalaya de Alcaraz school farm


The Atalaya school farm is an old HOUSE-PALACE from the end of the 19th century with three floors, with an area of 1,600 m2, built by a minister of King Alfonso XIII who offered it to the monarch for use on days off.

It has three entrances and two stairs.

The ground floor is dedicated to workshops, dining rooms, game rooms, kitchens and administration.

In the first there are the music rooms, library, projections, living rooms, etc.

On the second floor there are nine large bedrooms (equipped with bunk beds and individual lockers) and two service batteries (Girls / Boys) with showers, sinks, etc., with hot water.

The Farm School has its own running water, electricity, Wi-Fi and telephone lines.


We are only 2 km from Alcaraz (Albacete), with the title of city and being the head of the party, it has all the services such as the 24-hour medical center.

The farm, located in the middle of nature, is ideal for teaching, recreation and coexistence in the many activities that are carried out daily in the field.

It has an area of 100,000 m2, with a small river that forms one of its limits.

Of this extension: 10,000 m2 correspond to gardens; 40,000 m2 are dedicated to organic gardens and cereals; 40,000 m2 to recreational areas (pine forests, sports areas such as soccer field, volleyball, badminton, basketball court ... archery field, chicken coops, gorrineras, stables, zip line area, miniature golf course, etc,);

10,000 m2 occupied by the pool and lawn, pasture areas, house and the bakery.

There are more than 300 fruit trees of different varieties.

The farm is fenced in its entirety.

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